Free Kindle Books for International Astronomy Day

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Dogs of War…
Winter Kill – War With China Has Already Begun…
Vessel: A Historical Action Adventure Technothriller…

Canning and Preserving Book Bundle: The Best-Of The Essential Kitchen Series Canning and Preserving Books…
Campsite Cooking: Delicious and Easy Recipes Using Foil Packets, Grills and More…
Sherlock Lives! 100+ Facts on Sherlock and the Smash Hit BBC TV Series…
Linux for Beginners…

George Washington – Just the Facts! Amazing Facts and Photos – Biography Books for Kids…
Kids Book: Flip to the Rescue…
Jack – the story of a leaf…
Luna, The Night Butterfly…

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[$0 Kindle Collection For Today]

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Toddler Learning Games: 33 Creative Toddler Learning Games That Your Child Will Love

  • Many parents may feel that their toddlers shouldnt begin to learn until they reach pre-school or kindergarten age. But the unfortunate truth is that these parents are missing out on an excellent opportunity to allow their young children to begin the learning process well before thenand to have fun while they are doing it.

Etsy: Outstanding Lessons for Absolute Beginners on How to Set Up an Etsy Shop

  • This e book deals with a number of confirmed measures and also methods about how to set up an ESTY shop properly as well as how to sell effectively. There are actually just 6 chapters in the book that evaluation all ESTY information and also offers behind the reality of ESTY marketplace, its own performance along with how you can use all of tricks to set up a successful ESTY shop.

DSLR Photography: Ultimate Handbook That Will Teach You How to Use Your DSLR Camera and Take Amazing Photographs

  • How to use White Balance to change the look of your photos
  • What kind of lighting will give you the best results
  • How backlighting can enhance the look of your pictures
  • How to achieve some popular effects with your photos
  • How to compose a beautiful photograph

Homemade Lotions: Top Quality and Easy to Make at Home Lotions. Learn How to Make Super Nourishing, Super Versatile and Super Simple Homemade Lotions

  • Lotion or oil
  • Essential oils
  • Preparation
  • Lotion Recipes
  • Selling your products

Quilting for Beginners: The Complete Guide to Ideal Quilting and Attaining Amazing Quilting Result!

  • quilting terms and tools
  • where to find the necessary items for a successful project
  • dos and donts of quilting
  • and much more

House Organization Box Set: 23 Amazing Baking Soda Secrets plus The Best Beginner’s Guide To Simple and Easy Cleaning And Organizing Your House

  • A brief history of baking soda
  • The industrial uses of baking soda
  • Medicinal uses for baking soda along with recipes
  • Personal hygiene uses for baking soda and recipes for things like toothpaste and mouthwash
  • Ways baking soda can make your home a healthy and safe environment

Diy Gifts: 25 Astonishing Recipes For Homemade Gifts in Jar For All Occasions

  • Why it is important to use meals in jars?
  • 25 astonishing recipes in jars
  • What you need for each recipe?
  • How many people the jarred meal or dessert will serve?
  • Amazing final tips about meals in jars

GoPro Camera: An Advanced Guide For Mastering GoPro Hero 3+ Cameras

  • How to stop water drops from forming on your lens and ruining your footage or still shots;
  • How to create a time lapse using free software;
  • How to create a slow motion set up;
  • How to create several of your own mounting rigs;
  • How to use Protune to maximize your color

Potty Training In 3 Days: Proven Potty Training Guide To Stress Free Results In 3 Days or Even Faster

  • Knowing if your child is prepared
  • Ways to prepare for this process
  • What to do on day one, two, three and onward

Photography Lighting: The Art of Setting Up Photography Lighting for a Home Studio

  • The Importance of Light and Basic Props
  • Light Exposure
  • Light Quality
  • Light Direction
  • Shadows and Highlights

Minecraft: The Ultimate Tricky Tips and Traps for Playing Solo or with Other Players (Unofficial Minecraft Guide)

  • Intro For Those New to Minecraft
  • Tips, Tricks, and More!
  • How to Survive the Hardcore Way!
  • Multiplayer Tips

Warren Buffett: Life Changing Lessons of Warren Buffet for Unlimited Success in Investing, Business and Life

  • Warren Buffets business and investment tips
  • How to choose your business
  • How to plan your business
  • How to manage your business
  • How to understand your business
  • How to invest smartly
  • How to carefully pick your associates
  • How to lead your business stress-free

How to Potty Train a Boy: The Proven System to Stress-Free Potty Training

  • Understanding the basics
  • 5 Stress Free Tips for Early Preparation Five Early Preparation Tips
  • Prepare for potty training from every side
  • Strategies that will make potty training stress fee

Bodyweight Training: 33 Useful Tips to Increase Muscle Growth and Boost Your Endurance in Less then 4 weeks

  • How to kick start bodyweight training?
  • Best possible warm ups for your body building workouts
  • What diet to compliment your bodyweight training?
  • Utilization of supplements for building lean muscles
  • Boosting your body endurance rapidly

Evernote Box Set:The Ultimate Advanced Guides with Easy Steps on How to Master Evernote and Organize Better Your Life in Less Than 5 days

  • Why Choose Evernote?
  • Notes & Notebooks
  • Stacks, Tags and Web Clipper
  • Tips and Tricks

Body Language Box Set:A Beginners Guides to Better Understand Body Gestures and Eye Signals with Extra Tips to Easily Read And Talk Body Language

  • Understand the importance of body language
  • Become aware of the sub-conscious communication of our bodies
  • See into the subliminal world of gesture and expression
  • Recognize the signs that reveal our innermost thoughts and feelings
  • Decode the signals our bodies instinctively send out
  • Understand the clever techniques employed by powerful politicians to control the way we feel about them
  • Understand the micro expressions that signal momentary emotions
  • Appreciate the significance of our eyes in successful communication

Set it Up, Light It, Capture It: Create Stunning Digital Photography

  • The meaning of shutter speed and apertures
  • How your models should pose for a natural portrait picture?
  • How lighting is a major factor, in ensuring a perfect result for the image?

The Photographer’s Eye: Capture Unique Photos

  • How to develop own photographers eye?
  • How to develop photographic style?
  • What you should know about your camera, lighting, equipment, angles?

Amazon FBA: Step By Step Instructions on How To Earn Money With FBA

  • Starting an FBA account
  • Realistic targets for inventory stock and profit margins
  • Packaging items to meet Amazons shipping requirements
  • Tools and resources that can streamline your stockpiling of profitable inventory
  • Tutorials and examples of how to implement these tools effectively
  • Inspiration to confidently grow your own aspirations into a successful business

Digital Photography Box Set: The Ultimate Guides For Fast Mastering Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Exposure and Capturing Unique, Stunning Digital Photographies

  • Digital Photography Points to Pay Attention to
  • Tips and Information on Mastering the Aperture
  • Tips and Information on Mastering the Shutter Speed
  • Tips and Information on Learning How to Use ISO in Your Favor
  • Tips and Information on How to Use and Manipulate the Light Exposure
  • DOs and DONTs in Digital Photography

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[$0 Deal Kindle Collection] DIY Books

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  • Homemade Beauty Products: Benefit your Beauty with 33 Face and Body Masks and Scrub Treatments You Can Make at Home

  • Starting with making beauty products at home Simple and Easy
  • Recipes for all natural anti-age serums and masks
  • Face and Body Scrubs
  • Bath Time with homemade body scrubs
  • Recipes for all natural acne, pimple and blackheads masks and scrubs
  • 33 all natural recipes for homemade beauty products with simple and easy-to-follow tutorials and ingredient lists


One Day Crochet: 23 Amazing and Unique Afghan Projects for Absolute Beginners

  • The history of crochet
  • Crochet materials
  • Crochet stitches
  • Afghan crochet
  • 23 Afghan patterns for beginners


Knitting for Beginners: Amazing Step by Step Instructions on How to Start Knitting and Make Beautiful Patterns

  • Information on materials and tools
  • Knitting stitches and styles
  • Glossary of knitting terms and abbreviations
  • Tips and techniques
  • Patterns


Amazon FBA: 15 Amazing Lessons to Make Money with Amazon FBA and Learn the Recipes for Success

  • How to streamline your business model for greater profits
  • How to provide faster and easier shipping to your customers
  • How Amazon can handle the majority of customer service issues
  • How to better track your businesss performance
  • How to take advantage of item specific sales trends
  • How to make your business more cost effective from the start
  • How to reach millions of customers instantly
  • How you can perform effective market research
  • How to best predict and plan for upcoming promotions and seasons


Puppy Training: What You Ought to Know to Reduce Your Dogs Destructive Chewing

  • Prevent destructive chewing
  • Curb unwanted soiling
  • Learn fundamental dog-training techniques and more.


Grow Fruit Indoors: 23 Exotic Fruits You Can Easily Grow at Home in a Garden or in Containers

  • Australian finger lime, Kumquat and Buddhas Hand
  • Barbados Cherry, Jaboticaba and Mulberry
  • Black Sapote, Guava and Sapodilla
  • Pomegranate, Figs and Passion Flower
  • Star Fruit, Miracle Fruit and Dragon Fruit
  • Naranjilla, Peanut Butter Fruit and Olive
  • Cocoa and Coffee


Reflexology: 23 Outstanding Tips on How to Learn Reflexology Massage Techniques

  • Why aches and pains occur in the body
  • How to kick-start your bodys natural healing mechanisms to release pain better than any medicine ever created
  • The locations of the feet you should stimulate for any problem you have
  • And much more!


Bodyweight Training Box Set : 33 Useful Tips to Increase Muscle Growth Combined with Beginners Running Program for Weight Loss in Less than4 weeks (Cardio and Strength Training)

  • How to kick start bodyweight training?
  • Best possible warm ups for your body building workouts
  • What diet to compliment your bodyweight training?
  • Utilization of supplements for building lean muscles
  • Boosting your body endurance rapidly
  • Those who want to start running to lose weight
  • Those who want to start running to become a runner
  • Those who havent been running for a long time, but want to return to it


Coconut Oil: The Ultimate Guide to Lose Weight, Boost Your Immune System, Beauty, Skin Care and Hair Care

  • As a mean for loosing weight
  • To help with diabetes control
  • To help with heart conditions
  • To kill certain bacteria in the gut
  • To kill fungal bacteria, such as candidas
  • For tackling age related issues such as preventing hair loss, dry skin and arthritis
  • To fuel your energy levels
  • To re-build weakened or damaged muscles
  • … and many more


Preppers Survival: 48 Super Easy Survival Tactics That Will Save You In Danger

  • 48 super easy survival tactics that will save you in danger
  • Understand each step and apply it to yourself to save yourself and your family from natural or manmade disasters that may occur any time.


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Amazon 3rd gen Kindle Paperwhite $90 @ staples

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In store only. $ 120 – 25% off coupon = $ 90
coupon code 11196
Product details:…

  • 6-inch Paperwhite display with Carta e-paper technology and built-in light
  • 300 ppi resolution/pixel density
  • Free cloud storage for all Amazon content
  • Charges in approximately 4 hours from a computer via USB cable
  • Connect free at AT&T hotspots in the US or with Wi-Fi anywhere
  • Measures 6.7 x 0.36 x 4.6 inches (LxWxH) and weighs 7.2 ounces
  • 4GB internal storage holds up to 1,000 books

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Free Kindle Books – various topics

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DIY Projects Box Set: 66 Amazing DIY Projects For Your Home and Everyday Life plus Household Tips To Enlarge Your Productivity, Manage Your Time and Save Bunch of Money

How To Analyse People: 10 Exercises To Perform Personality Analysis and 5 Essential Rules to Understand People and Their Behaviour

Fire Phone: A Well Established User Guide for Fire Phone. Learn the Basics of Setup and the Latests Tips and Tricks

Small House Living: Super-Saving Storage Hacks to maximize Your space and Get Your Life More Organized

Amazon FBA: Top 10 Ultimate Items That Will Bring You an Annual Profit of Over $ 66,000 by Selling Them on Amazon FBA

Evernote: Complete Guide to Mastering Evernote Quickly and Accomplish Any Goal

Body Language: Discover How to See, Interpret, and Show Body Language Signs – Improve Your People Skills, Dating Relationships, and Official Gatherings.

Management: 25 Strategies to Manage Teams, Lead Effectively, and Build Trust In Your Teams

Body Language: 32 Most Common Body Language Gestures and Meanings. Everything You Need to Know For a Delightful Non-verbal Communication

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Free Kindle Books (15 Asst) on Elliot Ness’s Birthday

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Free Kindle Books (15 Asst) on Elliot Ness’s Birthday

How to Invest in Gold: Buy Gold Below Market Price and Watch Your Profits Sky Rocket! – 44 pgs

99 Inspiring Stories for Presentations: Instantly Improve Your Business Storytelling, Public Speaking and Conversation Skills – 128 pgs

The Survival Know How: Everything You Need to Know to Handle the Danger and Remain Alive in the Wilderness – 23 pgs

Dog Training: Strategic Dog Training Tips For A Well-Trained, Obedient, and Happy Dog (Dog Training Books Book 1) – 48 pgs

Guitar for Beginners: This Book Will Teach You How to Play Guitar with Easy to Follow Guitar Lessons, Guitar Chords And Guitar Tips – 55 pgs

21 Simple Chicken Dinners: Simple, Quick and Easy Chicken Recipes That Will Change The Way You Cook Chicken Forever (21 Recipe Books) – 65 pgs

30-Minute Chicken Recipes: Latest Collection of 30 Top Class, Simple, Easy And Most-Wanted 30-Minute Chicken Recipes – 50 pgs

Indoor Gardening – Discover The Baby Steps To Growing Fruit, Vegetables, And Plants Indoors Easily! – 28 pgs

Gardening : Box Set : The Complete Extensive Gardening Box Set : Become A Master At Micro Gardening, Indoor Gardening, And Organic Container Gardening – 48 pgs

Straw Bale Gardening Blueprint: Step By Step Process To Grow Fruits, Herbs and Vegetables in Straw Bale Gardens – 26 pgs

Simple Straw-Bale Gardening for Beginners: 7 Helpful Steps to Growing and Harvesting Crops without Needing Soil – 28 pgs

Herb Gardening For Beginners – How To Effectively Start Gardening And Harvesting Herbs Easily – 26 pgs

Corps Justice Boxed Set: Books 1-3: Back to War, Council of Patriots, Prime Asset – Military Thrillers – 730 pgs – 572 reviews

The Amazing Elephant: Fun Facts and Pictures for Kids! – 36 pgs

The Amazing Tiger: Fun Facts and Pictures for Kids! – 32 pgs

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Kindle: Etsy Selling: Get Ready to Earn on Etsy. Start Your Own Profitable Creative Business

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Imagine having the ability to sit back with a hot cup of coffee, do some light reading, and an hour later, to have the ability to call yourself a small business owner. Sure, it sounds like a pipe dream, but this book makes it a reality. In almost no time, you will not only know how to set up your own online shop at no cost, but you will be limited in what you can sell only by your own imagination and creativity!

  • How to register, set up, stock, and set prices for your very own online store TODAY!
  • Advanced tips on marketing, customer service, and sales strategies!
  • One easy formula for pricing all of your Etsy items!

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