WAGON TRAIN: A Jess Williams Western Book 21 Kindle Edition Free at Amazon.com

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Rating: 4.5/5 from 80 reviews.
Amazon said: Jess finds himself on the way to Stratton, Texas, after helping Jane Lacey escape the death grip of Walt Mercer and all his money. The fact that he had to finally kill Walt Mercer to accomplish it, was not something he had wanted to do, but Walt Mercer had left him no other choice. He finds plenty of trouble along the way, but he eventually arrives in Stratton and his plan is simple, get the best suite in the Stratton Hotel and rest up for a few days. That plan suddenly changes when a wagon train arrives in Stratton with their wagon master killed in a bloody Indian attack. Jess reluctantly agrees to take on the job of wagon master for the caravan of wagons after Laura Woods convinces him that the only way they could make it to their destination is if he agrees to lead them. Their trip to Benson, Arizona, is long and arduous. They are attacked by Indians, outlaws and thieves along the way. To make matters worse, Rod Mercer has placed a blood bounty on Jess’s head for the killing of his brother Walt Mercer. The three Galt brother’s have decided to collect on the bounty and they are hot on his trail. He finds his task twice as hard, looking ahead for the wagon train, and constantly looking over his shoulder for the Galt brothers.

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Free Kindle Book- The World’s Most Expensive Ebook: A Humorous Assortment of Overpriced Satire (was $99) & other humor

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This unusual humor ebook is expensive. Any exotic and brilliant opportunity usually does cost money or its only worth a buck. For the modest price of $ 99, you get the privilege to read a book that mocks millionaires. Or you can simply read it for free by using your subscription of Kindle Unlimited or other free services (and like a smart millionaire save some serious cash.)

When purchasing this book of satire, dont balk and dont be tightfisted. Its a privilege and an honor to be paying $ 99 for a book that makes you laugh. This manuscript is so elite that you cant buy it on paper either. Its only available digitally on Amazon. Consider how you will get the best deal reading this ridiculous project that includes satire, humor, antidotes and learn how rich people live (like why to install an ATM in the kitchen.)

Dont think you can read this book and get a refund to pay for a new pair of sneakers. The sneakers you have picked out are ugly (hey, were being honest) and the cash for this book is being pooled together to buy Disneyland souvenirs. So, if you are not wealthy and your bank account has zeroes in the wrong places, this book should not be bought by you.

Thats right, you dont need to laugh you need a job (again, honesty is the best policy.) And there are plenty of cheap books that you can pick up to read as you take the bus to your new place of employment.

*** This book is a parody of every book that costs 99 cents. Who reads cheap books and learns anything of significance? At least for $ 99 you might pick up a good fact to share at your next millionaires wannabe party and an expensive laugh to boot! Now that is value! ***

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Free Kindle Fantasy book: Suspending Reality (Five Fantasy Stories)

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Suspending Reality (Five Fantasy Stories)

Get it while it is FREEBook DescriptionPublication Date: February 9, 2014 Read 5 different books from 5 different series. Click on the inside feature to view covers, read blurbs, and see book trailers.

1. (YA horror) The Zombie Chronicles

2. (Adult Paranormal Romance) Eternal Vows

3. (YA Vampire series) Crush

4. (YA Paranormal) Enchanted Castle

5. (YA Fantasy & Sci fi) Castaway

The Zombie Chronicles

The Zombie Chronicles Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/ociUHiL1g70

Val was bitten by a zombie and now shes scheduled for lethal injection. Breaking all the rules, eighteen year old, Dean Walters snags an experimental serum. But it cant be tested until Val turns into a zombie: something authorities wont allow. Her execution is scheduled to happen before transformation is complete, giving Dean only hours to break her out. When their helicopter crashes straight into the heart of Zombie Land, his rescue mission becomes a fight for survivaland giving up on Val is NOT an option.

Eternal Vows

BOOK TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_w-eZwPJbA

Never marry a stranger…even if he is a drop-dead gorgeous immortal king.

Never pretend to be a princess.

And most importantly…never slip on an ancient wedding ring you know nothing about.

Sarah Larker returns to a cave where her sister disappeared ten years earlier. She walks through a portal and is mistaken for a runaway princess on the run by a dangerous immortal king in medieval times. Her plan is bold as well as daringbecome this princess, wed the king, and slip on an ancient wedding ring that will unlock the portal back home. Then find her sister and run as fast as she can out of Dodge. But taking on the identity of Princess Gloria comes along with dangerous consequences; and slipping on the ruby ring comes with an even higher price.


The Crush Saga Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/4eMF8KXEUc4


This is book one of a four book, young adult, vampire series.

His precious touch could prove deadly

When Taylor Sparks moves from New York City to Big Bear Lake, California, her life is forever changed when she meets a hot guy with winter-blue eyes named Jesse. Their attraction is instant, the chemistry undeniable. But sadly, things aren’t adding up. Taylor wonders what her ‘crush’ is hiding. When her new friend, Fred tells her his suspicions about Jesse being a paranormal creature, Taylor laughs. But when Fred turns up dead, she believes every warning he ever told her.

Taylor is shocked to learn that Big Bear Lake isn’t just glittering lakes, towering pines, and breathtaking mountains…there’s more…way more than meets the eye.

Will Taylor dive into a paranormal world she knows nothing about? To be with the one her heart cant live without?

Or will her life spiral out of control when she learns her blood is needed…to lift an ancient curse from a group of supernatural beings.

Werewolves will serve as her guardians and protect her until the first full moon of the new year.

The night of her sacrifice

Will she accept her destiny?

Or will she refuse to let evil swallow her up?

Enchanted Castle


Zoey Sanders attends her senior year of high school at a mysterious, gothic castle in Scotland. As much as she loves meeting her Prince Charming, she begins to wonder if the castle is really haunted.


Book Trailer for the series: http://youtu.be/viwT0M8Ms_g

The dream vacation that might just turn deadly…

Seventeen-year-old Casey Smith can’t wait to embark on her summer vacation, not least because she’s finally shed her tomboy image, and now heartthrob Mike seems interested. What starts out great, with lots of flirting, taking her a step closer to winning her crush’s heart, soon turns into her worst nightmare.

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Free Book – Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program

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The Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program (grades 1-6) is here to help you on your way, encouraging you to read books of your own choosing and earn a FREE book, simply by following these three easy steps:

1. Read any eight books this summer and record them in your Summer Reading Journal (English or Espaol). Tell us which part of the book is your favorite, and why.
2. Bring your completed journal to a Barnes & Noble store between May 16th and September 5th, 2017.-
3. Choose your FREE reading adventure from the book list featured on the back of the journal

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