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Zentangle Basics: Dont Limit Your Creativity! Zentangle Workshop on How to Create Well-Formed Shapes by Drawing Structured Patterns

  • Basic steps of drawing Zentangle
  • Main characteristics of Zentangle
  • Physical and mental benefits of Zentangle art
  • Creative Zentangle ideas for games and presents


5:2 and Low Carb Diets Box Set: 25 Amazing 5:2 Diet Recipes For Absoulte Beginners plus 24 Quick and Healthy Low Carb Recipes

  • How and why the 5:2 Diet works
  • Easy breakfast recipes
  • Tasty lunch recipes
  • Filling dinner recipes
  • Fun snack ideas
  • And much more!


Life Coaching Box Set:23 Lessons on How to Become a Successful Coach Who Motivates Other People Combined with The Ultimate Guide For Improving Your Communication Skills

  • What is a life Coach: You will learn what a life Coach does, what education is needed to become a life Coach, and how to maintain your validity within the field.
  • You are your brand and your image:How is it that some people just ooze with success? Why is it that you can look at someone and size them up before even speaking with them? If you think that you need to rehaul your image and your brand, this is for you.
  • Understanding the Basics of Communication
  • Knowing How and Why to Engage Your Audience
  • Learning How to Use Your Voice Effectively to Be a Better Communicator


Off The Grid 101: Outstanding Lessons for Living Off the Grid and Protecting Your Loved OnesReducing visibility and protecting yourself in the following areas:

  • Offline
  • Your Computer
  • Browsing
  • Your Online Presence
  • Spam
  • Phones


Project Management For Beginners: 30 Project Management Skills for Mastering the Art of Productivity and Success

  • Maximize your and your teams productivity and lead the project to certain success
  • Attain all the necessary skills to be an inspiring leader, adaptable problem solver, consistent planner, and excellent communicator
  • Develop a detailed game plan that will keep you on track and guide you to success
  • Manage your time and get the most from your day
  • Effectively manage risks and conflicts that could jeopardize project success


Indoor Gardening: 33 Keys For A Successful Indoor Garden. Enjoy Your Favorite Fruits, Veggies and Herbs for the Whole Year

  • The proper lighting, humidity levels, temperatures that are needed for an indoor garden.
  • Learn about the plants that will do best in an indoor garden.
  • The proper soil mixtures and how to make your own soil mixes.
  • How to grow your own start plants from seed.
  • The ins and outs of making your own compost.
  • And much, much, much more!!


Running For Beginners: Step by Step Guide for Better Running and Preparing for a Marathon

  • to organize the different components of your training program,
  • to choose the right equipment,
  • to slowly build up your pace so that you are running at peak levels,
  • to use variety in your training to promote all-round fitness,
  • to make sure your body is fully rested,
  • to use interval training to push back your lactic acid threshold,
  • to ensure you do not suffer burnout or over-training.


DIY Projects: 23 Awesome and Easy to Make DIY Projects of All time

  • Basic safety tips for Do-It-Yourselfers
  • Basic tools to keep on hand
  • DIY projects for a quick inexpensive gift
  • DIY projects for the home or office
  • DIY projects for saving space


Self Hypnosis: The Ultimate 7-Day Hypnosis Guide to Finding Your True Self

  • What self-hypnosis is?
  • How to use self-hypnosis?
  • The use of self-hypnosis for different afflictions.
  • Tips and tricks to make your self-hypnosis experience that much better.


Body Language Box Set:Amazing Guides for Understanding Hidden Power of Non-Verbal Communication, Recognize People’s Feelings and Learn What the Person You Talk to Thinks About You

  • Body language An understanding of ones hidden powers
  • Types of non-verbal communication A majestic way of finding ones hidden powers
  • Some exciting truths about body language
  • Recognize the hidden powers of your hand shake
  • How you can confirm your job interview in to a job by use of body language as a way of revealing your hidden powers?


Potty Training In a Weekend: Ultimate Potty Training Guide To Stress Free Results In a Weekend

  • When is the best time to teach your kid to potty?
  • The most common mistakes that have to be avoided
  • The step by step process on teach a child how to potty in a weekend
  • Difference in teaching a girl and a boy to potty


Evernote Box Set: 118 Ways And Hacks to Use Evernote to Supercharge Your Life and Accomplish Any Goal

  • 48 handy Evernote hacks on how to organize your life
  • Tips on how to use Evernote
  • Tips for Beginners entering the world of Evernote
  • Advices for using Evernote more efficiently
  • Use of Evernote in Classrooms
  • Evernote hacks for business
  • Evernote hacks for everyday life
  • How to use Evernote tools and options


How To Knit Box Set: Perfect Guides for Absolute Beginners with 50 Tips For Knitting PLUS Sample Photos, Unique Patterns and Clear Instructions

  • Basic Knitting Tips for Beginners
  • The Introductory Steps of Knitting
  • What You Need to Know Before You Start Knitting
  • Different types of knitting
  • Materials Needed To Start Knitting
  • Ideal Knitting Projects for Beginners


Speed Reading: Learn How to Read Twice as Fast, and Understand Better

  • A simple explanation of what our eyes do when we read
  • Research findings about reading speed
  • Good and bad practices for increasing reading speed
  • Descriptions of computer and phone apps that help improve reading speed, with links to sites offering free tools
  • Self-help tips for using speed reading to your best advantage
  • Guidance and exercises to help you to better understand what you are reading, and to know when less is more when slowing down is preferable to speeding up


Jewelry Making: Step by step Guide To Creating Your Own Original And Unique Jewelry

  • Basics of Jewelry making: the ultimate go to for terminology, tools, and supplies needed to make your jewelry.
  • How to make a necklace: You can learn how to make different sized necklaces out of various materials.
  • Making your own Rings: Rings are always in style. Make a ring for every occasion!


Astrology And Zodiac Guide: The Best Methods For Understanding Zodiac Signs, Your Personality and Relationship Compatibility

  • About each zodiac sign and even what the personality traits of each sign are.
  • How to understand your personality by using your zodiac sign?
  • What type of person you need as a mate as well as which signs you are compatible with?


Diy Gifts: 24 Unique, Personalized and Easy to Make Birthday Presents For Your Friends, Family and Colleagues

  • Somme amazing reasons to engage in DIY crafting
  • Some awesome gift ideas for any occasion that will not only make them happy, but will also end up being something memorable that they will enjoy
  • Some great DIY gifts for even the hardest people to shop for out there, such as boys or teens


Survival 101: Everything You Need to Know For Wilderness Survival

  • The Survivors Character
  • The Basics of Surviving in the Wilderness
  • Making Common Sense Decisions
  • Orchestrating your Rescue or Escape
  • Building a Wilderness Survival Kit
  • Survival Tips to Remember


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