Free Kindle Book – The Backyard Chickens Handbook and The Backyard Chickens Breed Guide & Backyard Chickens For Preppers

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Backyard Chickens Book Package: The Backyard Chickens Handbook and The Backyard Chickens Breed Guide

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Get TWO backyard chicken books for one low price.
The Backyard Chickens Handbook is a greater starter book for those looking to raise a new flock of chickens. It’s also a good book for seasoned vets to have on hand as a reminder of the best practices for hatching, raising and feeding backyard chickens.
The Backyard Chickens Breed Guide takes the guesswork out of choosing backyard chicken breeds.
This helpful guide gives you the information you need in order to make an informed decision regarding the chickens you want to add to your backyard flock.

The topics covered include all of the items that are important to backyard breeders, including the following:
Noise level.
The amount of eggs you can reasonably expect your chickens to lay.
The average cost per chick.
Potential health concerns.
Special considerations that must be made.

Take the guesswork out of owning backyard chickens.
There are more than 150 different breeds of chicken. This book narrows your choices down to 22 of the most popular and best breeds for backyard flocks.
If you’re planning on owning backyard chickens, you’re going to want these books!

Backyard Chickens For Preppers…

A valuable resource for the beginning prepper that covers everything you need to know to get started raising your own backyard chickens. Written by the author of the best-selling book, “Guns For Preppers” and the voice behind the Sobert Gummer “Survival Prepping For Hard Times” blog.

Topics include:
Why You Should Raise Backyard Chickens for a SHTF scenario
How Chickens Fit Into Your Backyard Food Production System
“Should You Buy Pullets or Baby Chicks?”
The Nine Chicken Breeds Every Prepper Should Consider
The Best Type Of Chicken Coop and Chicken Run You Should Get
Chickens For Eggs Vs. Chickens For Meat
EMP-proof Chickens For Cold Weather Without Electricity
Hardware Cloth vs. Chicken Wire
What To Use For A Brooder Box
Resources: Everything You Need! Free Stuff

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