In honor of the Walking Dead Season Finale – free Kindle zombie book

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In honor of the Walking Dead Season Finale, Psych Ward Zombies is free this weekend!
Get Psych Ward Zombiesfor free March 27 to March 31!

The patients of Eldemere Psychiatric Hospital are turning into zombies, and the hospitals poorly designed security system has trapped everyone inside.
A group of unlikely heroes must rely on their wits, luck, and at least one straitjacket to survive until help can arrive the following day.

Dave Hexer is the doctor covering the late shift at the hospital tonight. Standing only 4’9 tall, he is shorter than most other psychiatrists, but is relatively tall for a dwarf. Dave is joined by Janet Foo, a fitness-obsessed nurse and heiress to her family’s junk food empire. The muscle of the trio is Chester Wilkes, a quiet hospital orderly who moonlights as a professional wrestler. They unite in an attempt to save the hospitals juvenile patients from the raging horde of ghouls. Their quest will bring them face to face with a legion of undead patients, zombified psychiatrists, deranged administrators, and one fiendishly handsome serial killer.

Approximately 52,000 words. Genre is humor/adventure/horror.

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