FREE Marvels Avengers “Saving The Day” Comic Book gt; Teach Kids About Budgeting and Saving! lt; from VISA

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FREE Marvels Avengers “Saving The Day” Comic Book > Teach Kids About Budgeting and Saving! < from VISA

Site is @ and pick up your free copy of Marvels Avengers Saving The Day comic bookto teach children how to budget & save money.

There are lots other free educational items such as CDs & Brochures that are available, too.

Most all the Items can be downloaded (therefore … nophysical address so homeland security won’t find your hideout … )

and in english & spanish …

Marvel’s Avengers Saving the Day Language: English
Money Metropolis CD Language: English
Peter Pig’s Money Counter CD Language: English
Practical Money Guides: Language: English
Practical Money Guide: Budget Basics
Practical Money Guide: Identity Theft
Practical Money Guide: Prepaid Card Basics
Practical Money Skills for Life DVD Language: English/Spanish
Financial Soccer CD Language: English/Spanish
UPDATED Financial Football 2.0 CD Language: English/Spanish
Practical Money Guide: Credit History
Practical Money Guide: Debit Card Basics
What’s My Score Money 101 Presenters Guide Language: English
What’s My Score Money 101Student Workbook
Take Control of Your Credit Score Language: English
Kids Money Guide Language: English
50 Ways to Love Your Money Language: English
Financial Literacy for Everyone Brochure Language: English
What Women Need to Know About Retirement E-Book
and 6 other pdf downloads …

Add the items to your cart, register, and check out!

Shipping is free also … but … Note: Shipping is available within the Continental United States only.

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