Free Kindle Book- The World’s Most Expensive Ebook: A Humorous Assortment of Overpriced Satire (was $99) & other humor

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This unusual humor ebook is expensive. Any exotic and brilliant opportunity usually does cost money or its only worth a buck. For the modest price of $ 99, you get the privilege to read a book that mocks millionaires. Or you can simply read it for free by using your subscription of Kindle Unlimited or other free services (and like a smart millionaire save some serious cash.)

When purchasing this book of satire, dont balk and dont be tightfisted. Its a privilege and an honor to be paying $ 99 for a book that makes you laugh. This manuscript is so elite that you cant buy it on paper either. Its only available digitally on Amazon. Consider how you will get the best deal reading this ridiculous project that includes satire, humor, antidotes and learn how rich people live (like why to install an ATM in the kitchen.)

Dont think you can read this book and get a refund to pay for a new pair of sneakers. The sneakers you have picked out are ugly (hey, were being honest) and the cash for this book is being pooled together to buy Disneyland souvenirs. So, if you are not wealthy and your bank account has zeroes in the wrong places, this book should not be bought by you.

Thats right, you dont need to laugh you need a job (again, honesty is the best policy.) And there are plenty of cheap books that you can pick up to read as you take the bus to your new place of employment.

*** This book is a parody of every book that costs 99 cents. Who reads cheap books and learns anything of significance? At least for $ 99 you might pick up a good fact to share at your next millionaires wannabe party and an expensive laugh to boot! Now that is value! ***

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