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Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Your Ultimate Guide To Healing Inflammation

  • 6 key causes of inflammation and the KEY principles of the Anti Inflammatory Diet
  • Learn which sinister foods (that most of us consume on a daily basis), are keeping our bodies in a constant state of inflammation
  • Big 3 spices to have in your kitchen cupboard in order to turn any meal into an inflammation and pain fighting meal in seconds
  • Are you cooking with artificial synthetic oils? Learn about 5 natural oils that are healthy and great for everyday use
  • Discover which fruits and vegetables are nutritional powerhouses that will help fix damaged tissue, and have the highest levels of antioxidants
  • Dont know what to eat? Discover 50 delicious anti inflammatory recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks (complete nutrient profile for each recipe included)

The Home Renovation Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Buying Renovating and Selling Houses

  • Find a bargain
  • Analyze a deal
  • Avoid buying a money pit
  • Plan your tax
  • Protect your investment
  • Plan your renovation
  • Make the most of your budget
  • Pick the right agent

Minimalist Habit Stacking: How To Live With Less, Downsize, And Get More Fulfillment From Life
This book will cover:

  • Introduction To Minimalism
  • The Benefits of Becoming A Minimalist
  • Minimalist Misconceptions
  • Daily Minimalist Habits To Adopt
  • The Tale of Two Lives
  • The Daily Struggle
  • Habits That Lead To A Distraction Free Life
  • Changing Your Habits
  • Finanical Habits To A Minimalist Life
  • Cleaning Habits To Help You Create A Minimalist Home
  • Habits of Highly Effective Organizers
  • Habits to A Stress Free Life
  • 10 Habits of Healthy People

One Day Crochet: 23 Amazing and Unique Afghan Projects for Absolute Beginners

  • The history of crochet
  • Crochet materials
  • Crochet stitches
  • Afghan crochet
  • 23 Afghan patterns for beginners

Cookie Indulgence: 150 Easy Cookie Recipes

  • Warm from the oven and just waiting to accompany a glass of cold milk or a cup of steaming cocoa, nothing smells better than the aroma of freshly baked cookies. With Cookie Indulgence, youll never run short on inspiration for quick and delicious cookies, bars and frostings to welcome friends and family home or to give as tasty gifts.​
  • Browse through the pages of Cookie Indulgence to find just the right treat. With 150 favorites from Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal cookies to No-bake, Refrigerator and Christmas cookies, there is sure to be a recipe that will please even the most rigorous taste test your family can muster.

Mindfulness: 23 Helpful Mindfulness Exercises for Life Without Stress and Worries

  • Learn and understand what mindfulness is,
  • Understand areas in which mindfulness is needed,
  • Have access to 23 different exercises that will enhance your mindfulness ability,
  • Have a step by step guide into how to walk your way through these exercises to achieve good results.

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