RingPlus to allow a limited selection of AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon phones starting next week

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Starts next week
Karl CEO RingPlus said: Question: Can I activate a non-Sprint cell phone?

Answer: Not for this promotion, but next week we will run a promotion which includes an limited selection of AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon devices which will be able to be activated on a similar plan.

Details to come.

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$19/mo for unlimited text/talk/1GB 4G for Ultra (T-Mobile MNVO)

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Their plain is typically $ 29/mo, but a multi-month discount is available to first time userswho prepay the first year of service.

– Unlimited Talk to USA and 55 Countries
– Unlimited Global Text
– $ 2.50 Call Anywhere Credit
– 1GB 4G LTE Data

This requires an unlocked cell phone, with decent T-Mobile coverage area.
I’ve used Ultra.Me for 3 months, and I’m happy paying ~$ 30 for 1GB 4G, and an occasional $ 10/GB upsell.

The main issue is because they’re a reseller, there is some manual effort involved to get data working.
They’ve improved this by allowing you to send a signal to your phone here.

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Free pizza, free Frosty and a free movie rental for T-Mobile customers (both pre and post paid)

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T-Mobile has released a program/app for free stuff every Tuesday. Starting tomorrow they will have a free Domino’s pizza, free Wendy’s Frosty and a free Vudu rental
Google Play link

Apple App store link


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