Costco Verizon Samsung Galaxy Core Prime ??? Free after Rebate. Starts Dec 29th

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*** Starts Tuesday****

Runs dec 29th to Jan 26th so plenty of time.

Looks like close to a free after rebate deal

Go upcoming ad:

Scroll down to Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

This sells for $ 144, but the ad says $ 120 off and $ 1 per month. Typically these are for 24 months. So cost of phone is $ 24 and since it says dpp or device payment plan you can pay it off earlier. This is for new lines or upgrades.

So you pay $ 24 but you get a $ 25 costco gift card plus the undisclosed BONUS member accessory kit Item 109456

Sure there’s tax or fees but hopefully they are not much ($ 10) and I personally don’t pay for activation….

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