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Frugal Living: 25 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Cut Your Spending Through Frugal Living

  • Being Hetty Frugal
  • Your Income Matters
  • Investing in the Stock Market
  • Assets and Liabilities
  • More Frugal Methods


Off The Grid 101: Practical Guide on How to Live a Subsistence Agrarian Life and Grow Your Own Food

  • Seasonal and regional gardening basics
  • Categories of vegetables
  • Tips and tricks for easy growing: your shopping list
  • Enjoying the bounty of nature: great recipes to make at home
  • Garden for fun and profit
  • From the basics to more exotic choices
  • Health benefits of gardening: no need to count calories
  • The gardening spirit
  • Family farming: the family that grows together stays together


Ayurveda: Restore Your Health Using These Simple and Easy Steps for Ayurveda

  • we will explore the treatments and techniques employed by Ayurveda masters
  • we will look at how personal stress and mental obstacles can have just as big of an impact as a physical illness
  • we will discuss how these ailments can be overcome through some simple Ayurveda techniques


Natural Antibiotics: The 10 Most Helpful Natural Remedies to Protect and Cure You from Illness

  • The difference between bacterial and viral infections.
  • Why you shouldnt use antibiotics for minor illnesses
  • How to use natural antibiotics.
  • The top ten antibiotics use today to prevent and cure infections, both bacterial and viral!


Smoothies for Weight Loss: 40 Tasty Smoothies That Remove Fat, Destroy Cravings and Make You Slim

  • recipes to begin your journey for healthy weight loss with smoothies that help to detoxify your body.
  • recipes to increase your protein intake, get a necessary boost of energy when needed
  • recipes to reduce that waistline with healthy alternatives to junk food


How To Crochet: 10 Unique and Easy Granny Square Patterns

  • What you will need in order to crochet
  • 10 amazing patterns that can be used to make so many cool things, such as bags and blankets


Photography Lighting: Know-How Tips on Setting Up Photography Lighting for Your Home Studio

  • The book which you are going to read contains a huge amount of techniques for you to make home based studio photography lightning. Here the instructions are mostly for the beginners who are very much interested to make home studio and feeling some problem with setting up the photography lightning.​


DIY Projects: 25 Exceptional DIY Projects For Your Home And Daily Life

  • DIY projects A tremendous way of giving proficiency to your skills
  • Productive DIY projects for small space living rooms
  • Work with wood Blast your skills by doing home DIY projects


DIY Projects: 22 Surprisingly Useful DIY Projects For Your Home And Everyday Life

  • Everyday life hacks: DIY dryer sheets, Plastic bag holders, DIY watering can, Boot noodles, Flat iron covers, Color-coded keys.
  • Dcor: No-sew pillow covers, DIY display boxes, Art on a hinge, Wooden letter canvas art, Dry erase picture frame, Antique window picture frame.
  • Rehabbed Furniture: Rehab old chairs, Cable reel coffee table, Dresser turned entertainment center.
  • Organization: New uses for toilet paper rolls, Soup can organizer, DIY chip clips, New uses for tension rods, New ways to use clothes hangers, Window shutter for mail storage, Crown molding shoe racks.


Homesteading: Useful Guide For Living A Self-Sustaining Lifestyle

  • Effective and affordable lighting resources that not only provide light, but serve as a deterrent from the criminal element
  • Different styles of planters to grow your own chemical-free vegetables
  • The advantages and disadvantages of adding livestock to your homestead


Digital Photography: The Ultimate Guide For Fast Mastering Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and Exposure

  • Digital Photography Points to Pay Attention to
  • Tips and Information on Mastering the Aperture
  • Tips and Information on Mastering the Shutter Speed
  • Tips and Information on Learning How to Use ISO in Your Favor
  • Tips and Information on How to Use and Manipulate the Light Exposure
  • DOs and DONTs in Digital Photography


Ketogenic Diet Plan: 7 Day Slimming Program with Ketogenic Diet Meals for Improving Your Energy and Vitality, Boosting Your Metabolism and Decreasing the Body Fat

  • What a ketogenic diet is and several variations
  • The health benefits of a low carb high fat diet
  • How to calculate a personalized plan
  • A quick-start meal plan thatll get you started
  • A simple grocery list of ketogenic approved foods


Cheap and Delicious: Top Secrets For Money Saving while Cooking and Serving Delicious Meals

  • How to save money on your favorite products
  • Learn how to buy and preserve fresh produce
  • Learn why you should shop the clearance items
  • Examine the Farmers Market and learn ways to save even more money while youre there


Grow Fruit Indoors: The Ultimate Beginners Gardening Guide To Grow Exotic Fruits Indoors

  • The Types of Tropical Trees You Can Realistically Grow Indoors
  • The Types of Dwarf Tropical Trees You Can Realistically Grow Indoor
  • Exotic Fruit (Non-Tree) that You Can Grow Indoor
  • Lots of Extra Tips and Tricks that Will Help You to Keep Your Plants Healthy While They are Indoors


Guide for Busy Women: Speed Cleaning and Decluttering Your Home in Less Than 1 hour​

  • Ever wish you could magic up a Cleaning Fairy?Well, we are here to show you, that Cleaning Fairy can be you.YES, YOU!


Indoor Gardening: 35 Helpful Tips & Techniques to Design a Successful Indoor Garden

  • What plants are the easiest to grow indoors
  • How to ensure your plants are getting enough water
  • What to do about humidity issues
  • What you need to do to ensure your plants as well as your home do not become infested by bugs


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