Nest Learning Thermostat – 2nd Gen ~$49.55 + tax on $180 (AR YMMV, Coupon, Staples GC) – Lowes

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Lowes has the 2nd Gen for $ 199 just like Amazon, Home Depot & Nest. Pickup $ 200 in Lowes gift cards ($ 40 off) fromhere. Grab a movers 10% coupon from the post office (lots of threads on this). If you are a Georgia Power customer, then you can also get $ 89.55 back in a rebate for buying a programmable thermostat (rebatehere). I’m guessing other local power companies may offer similar incentives if you don’t live in GA.

Here’s the break down:

$ 199 – $ 19.9 (10% coupon) = $ 179.10 – $ 40 in gift card savings – $ 89.55 (50% rebate on purchase price) = $ 49.55 + tax on the initial $ 179.10

In my case I ended up with a few extra dollars on a Lowes gift card and I confirmed with GA Power that you can use the rebate for multiple thermostats in the same year, so I picked up two.

Good luck – the Lowes gift cards are getting scarce and tomorrow is the last day for the Nest deal at Lowes.


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