Free Steam key for AFTERFALL INSANITY extended edition

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To get a FREE Steam key, just enter your name (optional) and email (mandatory) in the form below and submit your entry. You will receive an email from us with your profile link or activation link and following that link will get you to your Indie Gala profile page where you will find your Steam key.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to activate the Afterfall Insanity Extended Edition key on Steam, you will need to login to your Steam account from your Indie Gala profile and to be part of the IndieGala STEAM GROUP. Your Steam profile MUST also be set to PUBLIC. If you wish to have it private, you can make it private again, after activating the Steam key.
Please keep in mind also that the Steam key will NEVER be visible on your page and ONLY ONE KEY will be available for every person. Thank you.

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