Free sample dry rub from California Rub Kitchen – first 100

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June Free Sample Giveaway

We told you we were going to do it again, so here we are! As subscribers to the California Rub Kitchen Rub Club News, you are getting first crack at a fresh new batch of FREE SAMPLES.

That’s right, if you didn’t get a chance to get your hands on a sample last time, here’s your chance! Just complete the form below and pick your free sample, and we will get it in the mail within two weeks.

Trumped – our New York Steak rub
Hill-Rod – our Chicago Steakhouse Rub
Kansas City – our sweet and smoky ode to Kansas City BBQ
Memphis – our original Memphis Style BBQ rub
Gilroy – our super-tasty mustard garlic concoction will make your beef sing
Santorini – our amazing herb rub infused with Mediterranean flavors
Sri Racha – hot and sweet and delicious
Puebla – Ancho Chile Rub, perfect balance of sweet and hot Free Stuff

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