FREE Limited Edition Welcome Gift from Aura Cigarettes (*Void Where Prohibited / YMMV)

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Thanks TailoftheDragon!
“This is not a targeted offer. I just got off the phone with them, and they are sending me the “welcome box” She did not specify what was in the box. A simple phone call resulted in the package being sent out and an apology for the confusion. They are related to Cheyenne International, LLC. I received info about this promotion in the form of a business card handed out at the local smoke shop this morning. If you want the box, and you are already registered with Cheyenne Cigars, give them a quick call @1-866-254-6975, and they will take your info and send you a “welcome box” to Aura cigarettes. If you have never registered with Cheyenne Cigars before, then you won’t have a problem registering…”

Painless account creation here >>>
(See offer in the QS attachment below.)
T&Cis pretty vague on exactly where this offer is actually “prohibited” (scroll all the way to the bottom),so if anyone finds out… please update and I will correct!)
For further clarification and for my own knowledge as well as anyone else’s, I called the toll-free number (shown above) to confirm if simply filling out my mailing info via the website was all that was needed or if a phone call was in fact mandatory, and I was told that a phone call is not necessary. Enjoy! Free Stuff

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