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Tai Chi and Ayurveda Box Set

  • Have you ever wondered about groups of people you see in parks and open areas performing a slow and almost dance-like form of exercise? Wondered why they are doing it and what it is? Well, it is a form of Chinese martial art called Tai Chi.

House Organization Box Set

  • You probably know that baking soda is good for baking and that it can remove that funky smell from your fridge. In this book you are going to discover that the white powder you know as baking soda is so much more. You will learn twenty-three different ways baking soda can improve your health and keep you healthy. You will also discover that baking soda can save you money while keeping you healthy and well.

Knitting for Beginners Box Set

  • Have you ever wanted to knit scarves and other cool things like the ones you have seen in stores? Do some of your friends love to knit in their free time and you would love to join them? Has the idea of knitting something interested you but you had no idea how to go about it? Well, this book will be the one thatll help you reach your knitting dreams.

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