$25 Visa Gift card for listing parking space in Boston

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http://www.parkeasier.com/give-little-get-little/What do you need to do to cash in? Its very simple, and both new SPOT owners and current ones can qualify:

  1. List a NEW SPOT or UPDATE your current listing.
  2. Make sure its regularly (at least 7 days of each month) available between now and May30th. This could be any type of SPOT listing: an Hourly SPOT thats only available a couple days a week, a listing for a Monthly rental, a SPOT that is available the 3rd week of every month; whatever works for you.
  3. SPOTs must be priced within our suggested price range to be eligible. Please refer to our Whats A SPOT Worth page to see pricing for your area. If you feel like our pricing does not reflect fair value for your SPOT, please dont hesitate to shoot us an email and tell us why, as user feedback is one of the factors we take under consideration when creating our pricing guidelines.
  4. Be sure NOTto check Hide SPOT After Input during the listing process as Hidden SPOTs will not qualify for this offer.

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