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How To Crochet: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Master Crochet and Learn Advanced Crochet Stitches

  • In-depth descriptions of the tools of the trade and the benefits of having the correct materials
  • Methodologies and step by step illustrations for basic stitches including the slip knot, single stitch, and half double stitch
  • How to change colors at the beginning, middle or at the ends of rows
  • The Granny Square, shells and rounds
  • Tips an trick every serious crocheter needs to know


Zentangle Basics: A Step by Step Guide on How to Make Zentangle for Absolute Beginners

  • Zentangle is a form of art therapy
  • How Zentangle started
  • The Zentangle Theory
  • Zentangle Methods and Characterizations
  • Benefits and uses of Zentangle
  • Zentangle vs. Doodling
  • Zentangle Glossary
  • Method and Creation of Zentangle
  • Zentangle frequently asked questions


Self Hypnosis: 33 Outstanding Self-Hypnosis Techniques for Complete Relaxation
They say that hypnosis was the work of the devil. They said that those who practiced it held the power of witchcraft and sorcery in their hands. In this book we will demystify hypnosis and show you that it is now a viable science that is helping people achieve their goals and reach a state of pure relaxation.

Low Carb and Juicing Recipes Box Set: 24 Quick and Healthy Low Carb Recipes + 25 Juice Recipes to Reduce Weight and Improve Your Health

  • How to maintain a good eating habit to stay healthy
  • Knowledge of what low carb diets are all about and why they are important to the body
  • Knowledge of what low carb diets are all about and why they are important to the body
  • A list of 24 quick, yet, very delicious and healthy low cab recipes you can choose from


Mindfulness and Yoga Box Set: 23 Helpful Mindfulness Exercises for Life Without Stress and Worries plus 12 Amazing Breathing Techniques for Beginners To Help You Relax.

  • Learn and understand what mindfulness is,
  • Understand areas in which mindfulness is needed,
  • Have access to 23 different exercises that will enhance your mindfulness ability,
  • Have a step by step guide into how to walk your way through these exercises to achieve good results.


Leadership: 33 Lessons on How to Become A Proactive Leader and Successfully Build A Phenomenal Team

  • An explanation of the difference between reactive and proactive leadership
  • The benefits of proactive leadership in various settings
  • 33 lessons for improving your proactive leadership abilities and building a phenomenal team
  • Troubleshooting for proactive leaders
  • Links to websites that offer courses, workshops, and self-assessments in proactive leadership


Evernote: The Supreme Evernote Guide with Easy Steps On How To Master Evernote And Organize Better Your Life

  • Why Choose Evernote?
  • Notes & Notebooks
  • Stacks, Tags and Web Clipper
  • Tips and Tricks


Essential Oils: 23 Tips for Using Essential Oils and Staying Balanced and Young Forever

  • A brief history of essential oils
  • List of common oils and their uses
  • Safety concerns regarding essential oils
  • Tips for proper handling
  • Tips for use of essential oils
  • A couple recipes to get you started


How To Knit: 50 Tips For Knitting for Beginners (With Photos)

  • Get ten tips per chapter that will help you while you learn how to knit
  • How to store your yarn so that it does not become tangled
  • How to choose your yarn for your projects
  • How to store your knitting needles so they do not get bent or lost


Prepper’s Hacks: Thoughtful Hacks To Prepare Yourself For Surviving Natural Disasters (Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Floods, etc)

  • How to Insulate and Cool Your Home
  • How to Prepare Water and Find Water When You Have Ice and Snow
  • Cooking and Heating: How to Survive in the Kitchen


Speed Reading: Proven Guide To Help You Learn How To Read Faster in Less Than 24 Hours

  • Effectively review reading materials at twice or three times your current reading speed
  • Master the control of your eyes to effectively guide them through the text
  • Deploy your hands to further increase you reading rate
  • Quiet your mind to allow faster comprehension and longer retention of what you read


Minecraft Box Set: Amazing Guides of Interior and Exterior House Design for Minecraft + 22 Building Tips And Ideas with Detailed Instructions

  • How The Game Works
  • How To Play It
  • Building in Minecraft
  • Design Plan Tips
  • Exterior House Design Guide
  • Interior House Design Guide
  • Furniture You Can Put In Your House


Minimalism: Tips to Uncomplicate and Unstress Your Life With Simple Living

  • Preconceived notions We come into every experience with expectations. Those expectations color how we approach the moment. Overcoming those notions allows us to enjoy simpler life.
  • Others expectations Just like we have expectations of people or things, other people have certain expectations for us. How we think they see us will stress us.
  • Misguided education parents, peers and popular culture present us with a vision of how things are supposed to be. But people rarely find fulfilment in following the path others lay out for them.
  • Excessive distraction Turn off your phone and kill your television. Youre distracting your days away and failing to embrace all the facets of life.


Ketogenic Diet Plan: Amazing Manual for Becoming Fit With Ketogenic Eating methodology

  • Have a good understanding of what a Ketogenic diet plan for weight loss and fitness is all about
  • Know what ketosis, how if functions and its advantages to the body
  • Understand the relationship between low carbohydrate diet and Ketogenic weight loss diet
  • Know the food items that can be used in planning a Ketogenic diet
  • Have a full 30 days Ketogenic weight loss meal planned just for you
  • Learn how to sustain your body to maintain the lost weight.


Warren Buffett: Lessons for Boundless Success and Amazing Improvement of Your Business, Investments and Life

  • Warren Edward Buffer An immersive businessman & thus an incredible guider for businessman
  • Logistic essay by Warrant Buffett A guided lesson for corporate of America
  • Some lessons of Warren Buffett for the boundless success and for improvement of your business, investment & life
  • Warren Buffets Accounting policies & tax matters for boundless business success


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