15 FREE Pampers Gifts To Grow Points 9/26

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To get 15 FREE Pampers Gifts To Grow Pointsenter codes FBX8UZ3LW4FFD15 and TWX8UZ3LW4FFD15 Found three on H4F, MrsGuin posted one earlier, these are the other two.

ETA: I am not sure if the if both of these are 15 pts, or one is 25, and the other is 10 or 5, or not. And I can’t check because I don’t use these. So, if someone could please confirm the point total, when you enter them, I’d appreciate it. H4F put 25 total, and added two more (One is the 10 pt MrsGuin posted). I think one is 25, and the other is ???, as one was posted, then two were added which H4F stated were 15 pts (as in both are 15 each, or the total is 15, MrsGuin postedthat hers is 10pts).

Another ETA: It’s 15 total, edited title and subject. TY, MrV!

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