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  • Homemade Beauty Products: Benefit your Beauty with 33 Face and Body Masks and Scrub Treatments You Can Make at Home

  • Starting with making beauty products at home Simple and Easy
  • Recipes for all natural anti-age serums and masks
  • Face and Body Scrubs
  • Bath Time with homemade body scrubs
  • Recipes for all natural acne, pimple and blackheads masks and scrubs
  • 33 all natural recipes for homemade beauty products with simple and easy-to-follow tutorials and ingredient lists


One Day Crochet: 23 Amazing and Unique Afghan Projects for Absolute Beginners

  • The history of crochet
  • Crochet materials
  • Crochet stitches
  • Afghan crochet
  • 23 Afghan patterns for beginners


Knitting for Beginners: Amazing Step by Step Instructions on How to Start Knitting and Make Beautiful Patterns

  • Information on materials and tools
  • Knitting stitches and styles
  • Glossary of knitting terms and abbreviations
  • Tips and techniques
  • Patterns


Amazon FBA: 15 Amazing Lessons to Make Money with Amazon FBA and Learn the Recipes for Success

  • How to streamline your business model for greater profits
  • How to provide faster and easier shipping to your customers
  • How Amazon can handle the majority of customer service issues
  • How to better track your businesss performance
  • How to take advantage of item specific sales trends
  • How to make your business more cost effective from the start
  • How to reach millions of customers instantly
  • How you can perform effective market research
  • How to best predict and plan for upcoming promotions and seasons


Puppy Training: What You Ought to Know to Reduce Your Dogs Destructive Chewing

  • Prevent destructive chewing
  • Curb unwanted soiling
  • Learn fundamental dog-training techniques and more.


Grow Fruit Indoors: 23 Exotic Fruits You Can Easily Grow at Home in a Garden or in Containers

  • Australian finger lime, Kumquat and Buddhas Hand
  • Barbados Cherry, Jaboticaba and Mulberry
  • Black Sapote, Guava and Sapodilla
  • Pomegranate, Figs and Passion Flower
  • Star Fruit, Miracle Fruit and Dragon Fruit
  • Naranjilla, Peanut Butter Fruit and Olive
  • Cocoa and Coffee


Reflexology: 23 Outstanding Tips on How to Learn Reflexology Massage Techniques

  • Why aches and pains occur in the body
  • How to kick-start your bodys natural healing mechanisms to release pain better than any medicine ever created
  • The locations of the feet you should stimulate for any problem you have
  • And much more!


Bodyweight Training Box Set : 33 Useful Tips to Increase Muscle Growth Combined with Beginners Running Program for Weight Loss in Less than4 weeks (Cardio and Strength Training)

  • How to kick start bodyweight training?
  • Best possible warm ups for your body building workouts
  • What diet to compliment your bodyweight training?
  • Utilization of supplements for building lean muscles
  • Boosting your body endurance rapidly
  • Those who want to start running to lose weight
  • Those who want to start running to become a runner
  • Those who havent been running for a long time, but want to return to it


Coconut Oil: The Ultimate Guide to Lose Weight, Boost Your Immune System, Beauty, Skin Care and Hair Care

  • As a mean for loosing weight
  • To help with diabetes control
  • To help with heart conditions
  • To kill certain bacteria in the gut
  • To kill fungal bacteria, such as candidas
  • For tackling age related issues such as preventing hair loss, dry skin and arthritis
  • To fuel your energy levels
  • To re-build weakened or damaged muscles
  • … and many more


Preppers Survival: 48 Super Easy Survival Tactics That Will Save You In Danger

  • 48 super easy survival tactics that will save you in danger
  • Understand each step and apply it to yourself to save yourself and your family from natural or manmade disasters that may occur any time.


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