RadioShack 42-Range Digital Multimeter with Electric Field Detection, 40-Megaohms Resistance $13 w/FS @ Daily Steals

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Auto-ranging digital multimeter with manual override
Safely and accurately troubleshoots a variety of automotive and household electrical problems
Electric Field Detection allows you to easily locate the AC power lines inside walls
Large, east-to-read digital display
Resistance up to 40-megaohms
Auto-ranging scales eliminate the need to dial in the correct range
Auto power off conserves battery life
Powered by only 1 x “9V” batteries (not included)

DC/True-RMS AC voltages up to 600V: 600.0mV/ 6.000V/ 60.00V/ 600.0V/ 610V
DC/AC current up to 10A: 600uA/ 6mA/ 60mA/ 400mA/ 6A/ 10A
Resistance up to 40-megaohms: 600ohm/ 6k/ 60k/ 600k/ 6M/ 60Mohm
Auto-range capacitance: 9.999nF/ 99.99nF/ 999.9nF/ 9.999uF/ 99.99uF/ 999.9uF
Frequency up to 10MHz: 9.999Hz/ 99.99Hz/ 999.9Hz/ 9.999kHz/ 99.99 kHz/ 999.9kHz/ 9.999MHz
Duty Cycle: 10-90%

What You Get:
RadioShack 42-Range Digital Multimeter
Test Leads
Spare Fuse
User Guide Hot Deals

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