Possible FREE Ring door chime and Ring Doorbell cloud service

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Ring Doorbell on Amazon

NOTE: Ownership of a Ring Doorbell is required before the Ring Chime has any usefulness.
The cloud service is limited to the Ring Doorbell AFIK.

I bought the Ring Doorbell via Amazon. It came fairly quickly.
After I registered it, I received an email offering to include me in a feedback group.**
For agreeing to do so, I was given free Ring Doorbell cloud service instead if being expected to subscribe to it.
Also, I was shipped a free accessory – the Ring Chime.
The Ring Chime acts as a internal doorbell even if your related cell phone is not in the home.

** The expectation is that you reviewyour Ring Doorbell experience on their site or Amazon product review which I did.
I also sent them some suggestions for possible improvements.
Disclaimer: I am just one person — I have no way of knowing if the offer to join the feedback group is sent to every new customer.

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