Omaha – Free Wi-Fi city wide in June.

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In Celebration of the following events in Omaha, Cox Communications will be opening up their city wide Wi-Fi to everyone for free during the whole month of June 2017.
Reportedly being a Cox customer will NOT be required.
Omaha will be hosting the College World Series

and have a separate big event locally The Taste of Omaha.

Best information that I can get for now is select on your cell phone, tablet or PC:

  1. CoxWiFi or CoxWiFi_premium.
  2. Launch your Internet browser.
  3. You should get a request for your phone number. Cox should text you a code to use. The Wi-Fi is a secured system. not an open system

As June gets closer, I will edit this when better information becomes available.

Source for above: Cox Internet Support team. Free Stuff

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