Office Depot OfficeMax Rewards: OD Brand Multipurpose paper case. Pay $38 Get back $20 in Rewards. LM 2. 11/20-11/23/16

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Office DepotOfficeMaxRewards: ODBrand Multipurpose paper case. Pay $ 37.99 Get back $ 20 in Rewards. Limit 2. 11/20/2016-11/23/2016.

The Black Friday deal on this paper is substantially better:

Office DepotBrand Multipurpose Paper, Letter Size Paper, 20 Lb, 500 Sheets Per Ream, Case Of 10 Reams
SKU: 940593
Pay $ 37.99, Get back $ 20 in Rewards
Limit 2
Valid in-store only

Offer noted in the online version of the in-store flyer, page 1:…

Terms noted in the online version of the in-store flyer, page 12:…

Office DepotRewards Offer page (when updated):

Product Page (for informational purposes only):…

Note 1: This is a fixed Bonus Rewards offer. Since there is no mention of separate payout in the terms, this offer pays out in points. The fixed Bonus Rewards points will post to the “Account Summary” as a line item under “Shopping Rewards” at some point. The fixed Bonus Rewards points will not post to the “Purchase History” or “Purchase Details” of the transaction. This item also earns Standard Rewards points (10% back on ink, toner, paper, etc.). The Standard Rewards points will post to the “Purchase History” and “Purchase Details” of the transaction a day or two after the in-store purchase or the order ships. The Rewards Certificates from all points offers will be made available in the middle of the month in the month following the purchase.

Note 2: Per the terms of the program, Rewards earned — and hence Rewards payouts — are reduced by the extent the rewards purchase is paid for with Rewards, coupons or Merchandise Cards.

TERMS: Bonus Rewards: Office Depot Brand Multipurpose 10-Ream Case Paper Offer: Valid in-store only from 11/20/16 11/23/16 11:59 PM ET or while supplies last, whichever occurs first. Limit 2 offers per member. This offer cannot be combined with other Bonus Reward offers on the same or similar products and services. Hot Deals

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