Mixer Offering Free Games and DLC for Watching E3 (Xbox)

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Mixer is a new up and coming website that is owned by Microsoft. Apparently if you watch E3 coverage on Sunday, June 11th on the Mixer website while signed into your Xbox live Microsoft account. You will be rewarded with free mystery games and DLC for simply watching the event.


If you watch the conference on Mixer, you’ll get the “Xbox E3 MixPot.” It’s not clear what exactly is in it, but it’s hard to argue with free games and DLC. Here’s what Mixer has to say on the subject:

Watch the Xbox E3 Briefing on Mixer to get free stuff. We wanted to do something special for fans during this year’s Xbox E3 Briefing, so we’re giving away a whole MixPot of digital goodness to everyone watching and logged in on Mixer. Here’s how it works:

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