Lowe’s – GFCI electric outlets 90% off *YMMV*

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For the past couple of months Lowe’s had a display with GFCI outlets. I am guessing the manufacturer had a surplus so Lowe’s was able to get a big discount buying in bulk. Some of these are now 90% off starting today. Lowe’s reduces electronic clearance items starting on Mondays, so keep checking the prices throughout the week. Usually it takes a week for all Lowe’s stores to reduce the price of something. YMMV. Save another 10% with a Lowes coupon searching google for “Lowes discount promo codes”.

Pass & Seymour/Legrand 125-Volt 20-Amp Light Almond Decorator GFCI Electrical Outlet
Item #: 328142 | Model #: 2095TRLACC10
as low as $ 1.62 in arizona

Pass & Seymour/Legrand 3-Pack 125-Volt 15-Amp Ivory Decorator GFCI Electrical Outlets
Item #: 42110 | Model #: 1595TRI3PKCC4
normally $ 36? now as low as $ 3.70 in arizona. note this is a 3-pack

I also found this for $ 1.78:
Cooper Wiring Devices 125-Volt 15-Amp Ivory Decorator Duplex Electrical Outlet
Item #: 70742 | Model #: TR1107V-SP-L

There are other 3-packs of GFCI’s on clearance, however they are only 75% off. Please dont post any links unless they are 90% off. Like I said Lowe’s has plenty of inventory, there’s no point rushing to buy these. Wait for them to go 90% off. As the week progresses ill update with more links as they go 90% off.

Feeling sick today, but it was still a good day

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