Lanikai LB6-S Openback Soprano Banjolele Satin Natural $179 Fs @ MF

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Lanikai LB6-S Openback Soprano Banjolele Satin Natural $ 179 Fs @ MF

Product Description

Popularized in the roaring twenties and thirties, the banjolele answered the call from popular performers for greater volume. From there the unique banjolele tone solidified itself into the lexicon of ukulele music and remains instantly recognizable today.

The Lanikai LB6-S is a soprano sized open back banjolele. It features aged brass hardware, maple neck and tone ring, no-knot tailpiece, rosewood fingerboard and a Remo Fyberskyn head.

Also included is a custom-fitted Lanikai Banjolele gig bag.

Soprano Size
6″ maple rim
Aged brass hardware
Remo Fyberskyn head
Includes Lanikai Banjolele gig bag Hot Deals

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