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I just picked up a couple of 2342’s (4 scene remotes) for 26.88 a piece. They are usually $ 35-45 bucks. I also picked up 10k in surprise points via a clipped coupon (10bucks in points when you spend $ 50).

There are a few other items.Probably best to just SEARS search Insteon linkatron.I hate dealing with Sears‘ bulls#!t but sometimes it’s worth it. Needless to say: YMMV.

Some of the items have “store pickup” or “ship to home” and some the site just would not let me purchase – saying either not available in my area (no matter how many zipcodes I’d feed it) or other items just produced a pop-up with an msg to the effect of “oops, this item not currently available”. EXTREMELY AGGRAVATING ! Hot Deals

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