Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Trackset $29.69 @ Walmart in-store pu

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Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Trackset $ 29.69 – in-store pu or FS on $ 35. Also available at Amazon for the same price.

  • ​This sturdy elevated figure-Eight track with four intersecting crash zones delivers amped up crashing action!
  • ​Kids can line up their Hot Wheels cars and let ’em rip for near misses or total wipeouts
  • ​With more than 16 feet of track that includes hairpin turns, motorized boosters and a giant crash zone, kids can enjoy crash-and-bash fun for hours on end
  • ​Includes parking spaces throughout the set for additional storage and safe guards for kids over the crash zones
  • Comes with one Hot Wheels vehicle Hot Deals

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