Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree Pre-Order $59.99 at

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Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree Pre-Order
$ 59.99

As someone who has cut down their tree via tree farm every year, I didn’t know they actually shipped them, but if you don’t want to fight the hassle of the crowds and the elements, this might be a good option for that Christmas tree smell.

Tree Types

  • Fraser fir:
    • Grown in northern Michigan
    • Dark green needles with a little bit of a frosty glow
    • Upright branching
    • Straight stems
    • Good needle retention, so less sweeping needed
  • Snow-tipped Black Hills spruce:
    • Grown in northern Michigan
    • Blue-green needles with white painted tips
    • Fairly dense

  • Stands 6′-7’tall
  • Packaged shortly after being fresh-cut
  • Shipped in heavy-duty box
  • To ensure tree takes water and stays fresh, cut a 1?2 inch slit in bottom of tree trun Hot Deals

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