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Site is giving away promotional salt and pepper shaker.

Information from the site:

Offer Details:You want cool free stuff! Companies want brand recognition (to get their name out there)! We introduce you to each other!In exchange for giving your permission to receive promotional emails from one of our sponsors, you get a free gift (in this case a Pug Salt and Pepper Shaker) sent to you by mail.There are no catches, no gimmicks, and these promotional emails will come at a maximum frequency of once per week, they will be relevant to you, AND you can opt-out at anytime.We are marketers AND not spammers. Your email will never be sold or given to a third party, and we will be fully in charge of your information at all times. That means even the company sponsoring your free gift will not be given your email.So why would companies give away a free gift? Your free gift will have a small corporate branding on it. So Company ABC knows that everyday you will see their logo when you use your free product (which builds brand recoginition) and when they do send you a promotional email it will be from a brand you now recognize.. It’s win-win!

Not sure if this is legit. Sounds cool though so I tried with an email I don’t use very often.

OK just an update according to their FAQs:

How Is This Free?

Like most things in life, nothing is completely free. By receiving a free gift from one of our sponsors, you are giving them permission to email you with offers or news about their company or products. You will receive no more than one email per week, and you are free to opt out at anytime at which point you will receive no further correspondance from the company.

So I’m Agreeing To Get Spammed?

Not at all! This is an opt-in service which you can opt out of at any time. Your information is protected, an nobody, not even the company marketing to you will see it. Also, as noted above, you will receive no more than one email per week, and you are free to opt out at anytime and you will receive no further correspondance from the company.

Why would any company participate in this? Don’t they lose money?

Companies give away promotional products all the time to build brand awareness. Free pens, t-shirts, glasses and beer mugs, but they usually have no further correspondence with the potential customer. We offer companies the ability to build the same brand awareness, while at the same time allowing them to communicate to potential customers by email afterwards. If the customers are not interested they can opt out. If they are this results in further brand awareness or sales for the company.

HOWEVER it has just been brought to my attention that the domain name used for this deal was just registered today. Please take this into consideration as there is a chance it might be a scam. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND USE THE SITE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I’ll update if anything weird happens with my email.

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