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To get a FREE Erase-A-Mark Sample send your name and address to * and they will ship, at no charge, 1 Purple chalk holder with a stick of Marine Blue chalk and 1 Ultra-Eraser.

Erase-A-Mark is a unique, handcrafted chalk used for marking books & Bibles, which erases off most Bibles and many textbooks. It is also an excellent fabric marker and washes out of most fabrics. We are offering 1 stick of our Marine Blue chalk in a ergonomic purple chalk holder and 1 microfiber eraser, until 9/1/2015 or while supplies last.

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~Textbook Marker= Erases off many educational textbooks. Ideal for homeschooling and college students who want to resell their books at the end of the term. A cleaner book brings a higher price!

~Fabric Marker= Works great on fabrics. Washes out of most fabrics completely. May be ironed over, then washed out, but test first. Ideal for quilting, sewing and crafting.

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