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A good deal of this content came from this old archived thread, said if it’s archived, it should be re-posted. Folks on other threads have been looking for MCAT material lately so I figured I would re-post some of this with hopes they might find it. (Last time, I think this thread drew a lot of new people to Fat Wallet.) Thanks again to all who contributed!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Full Courses):

Stanford University: -Thanks Bowierule

Khan Academy: Thanks Wizwor

“The Best Colleges”:… Thanks Wizwor

MIT, Harvard, UC Berkeley: Http:// – Thanks AsuWest2

CourseEra Http:// – Thanks AsuWest2

UdaCity Http:// – Thanks AsuWest2

Roku(See below for link) – Thanks AsuWest2

UC Berkeley Webcasts (link below – or on archived thread) – Thanks BloodyInsane

Also on iTunes U. (link below – or on archived thread) – Thanks BloodyInsane

Math Exams (link below – or on archived thread) – Thanks BloodyInsane

Organic Chemistry:


McGraw Hill (at least biology):…

WH Freeman:

Science (some content is free, some isn’t):


Wiley Biochem:…

CLEP Credit (accepted by many colleges): – Thanks WashingtonState

Canegie Mellon University: – Thanks CyberPitStop

Chad Videos and CourseSaver (some content is free from time to time):

Ak Lectures -Thanks EuroMed

Yale: – Thanks Steve1Jr

Academic Earth – Thanks NantucketSunrise

Fat Wallet Link: – Thanks NantucketSunrise

Beginning Calculus (MIT):…

Stanford University: -Thanks Bowierule… -Thanks DealMavenGuru -Thanks Riya123


Youtubes: BoozemanBiology, Hank Green Biology, mathdude2012, brightstorm…

Related topic of quality online graduate-level programs that are NOT free:


Electrical Engineering (link below – or in archived thread) – Thanks BloodyInsane

Computer Science exams (link below – or in archived thread) – Thanks BloodyInsane

Mold and Moisture for CME Credit:

Spanish language classes: – Thanks NantucketSunrise

American Sign Language: – Thanks RubaDub1902 – Thanks IowaHawkEye

Harvard Computer Science: Software and other supporting materials here: – Thanks WizWor – Thanks WizWor – Thanks WizWor

Gender Through Comics: – Thanks Gnomie (description below)… -From DarkxKiller

Financial Education: code: 100thanks

Finance (corporate and accounting), Marketing, Operations Management: -Thanks Remick

USMLE Remick

Construction/Building -Thanks Remick – Thanks Papamicd

Color Theory:

Knife Skills (cooking):

Totally Free Deals Free Stuff

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