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I had no problems whatsoever with the qualifier (1 minute), or completion itself (5 minutes), and received this at the end after providing my mailing information:
“You have completed this survey. Thanks for your participation! Please allow up to6 weeksfor your $ 10 check to arrive.” “PLEASE NOTE:Only one submissionper personis accepted.”
This was/is apparently an email offer for someone that was posted ‘elsewhere’ (Thanks dwist), but it works even if you don’t receive the email. We’ve put it through twice, here.

IF… you receive the email….. the header and content will be as follows:
“Longhorn Market Research – 10 minute survey on Longhorn, $ 10 check from us.”
Hello! You’re receiving this offer from the makers of Longhorn moist snuff because you have received emails or direct mail with offers, such as coupons and sweepstakes, in the past. And as a valued customer, your opinions are very important to us.
Longhorn wants our customers to enjoy every aspect of the brand not just getting a great dip for a great price, but also making sure every interaction you have with Longhorn is a great one. We’re hoping that you can spend about 10 minutes to share your experiences and ideas to help us improve how we communicate with all our consumers. And as a thank you for completing the survey, we’ll mail you a check for $ 10.”

IF… you didn’t receive the email:
Follow this link to complete the survey>>>… Free Stuff

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