COD Ghosts ($40) and Battlefield 4 ($45) for Xbox 360 at Wal-Mart

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Wal-Mart has COD Ghosts for $ 40 and Battlefield 4 (Wal-Mart Edition with additional China Rising Expansion Pack) for $ 45.

I had just checked the store and both were still saying $ 60 in store. I ordered online and chose in-store pickup. Got the text an hour later saying it was ready to pick up. My wife picked it up and said it was long lines at the “Ship to Store/Layaway” area, but it didn’t take her too long to get the product. They were both instock at my local store.

They also have the Battlefield 4 – Regular version for $ 50 (in case you don’t want someone to know you shop at Wal-Mart).

And yes I realize Amazon has the same price. But if someone is wanting to pick up a gift before Christmas and not stress about whether shipping will get it there in time, this might be a good option. Hot Deals

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