AT&T introduces Mobile Share Value plans, old plans phased out. Call to save $15/mo YMMV

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The gist: AT&T is introducing lower cost plans, so if you have the current 2GB/month plan, you can save $ 15 a month (new price $ 40/month)by calling them up and asking. The old 1GB plan is being cancelled, which used to be $ 45/mo, so you can save some money by “upgrading” to 2GB.

In addition, if you are paying the $ 40/month subsidy for your phone, you can switch to a cheaper cost option for $ 25/mo.

From what I hear, AT&T isn’t making these changes automatically, so if you’re paying the higher rates, AT&T will let you continue paying those rates.

Much more details at this article:

AT&T page:

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