226+ D&D Miniatures for RPGs: $100 Bones Kickstarter 3, Moneymaking?

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This is the third Kickstarter for the Reaper line of gaming miniatures called “Bones.” The last two gathered 3.4 and 3.1 million dollars, and this one has a while left, but is on 7/18 over 1.3 million. These small minis retail for $ 3-8 each, but if you “kickstart” them, you get 226+ (and ~70 bases, and any additional stretch goals).

Kickstarter to be delivered in Fall 2016

For the uninitiated:
These are used for playing roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Gurps, Vampire, etc.

If you have no interest in these games, I’d point out that the $ 100 Kickstarter pack from 2012 now sells for $ 250-400 (maybe more, I can’t find any left for sale), and the second one from 2013 now sells for $ 180-$ 215 on fleabay. If you’d purchased 100k of product in 2012, it would sell now for well over 200k. Previous Kickstarters included “retail” sized packages, but this one doesn’t, so there may be fewer people abusing the resale value. The reason these are so popular is because miniatures are never this cheap in high-quality, and once a person gets it, they don’t tend to resell, except a few individual pieces.

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